A new face, a new blog, a new beginning.

"The Korean Alphabet"

Hey look, it's the Korean Alphabet!


It would seem that the best place to start would be with an introduction.

Who am I? Why have I decided to start a blog? What motivated me to do so? Why would you be interested in what I have to say?

WELL, since you’re so curious, I suppose I’ll let you in on some top secret information! *squeals*

My name is Andrew Fraser. I’m twenty-two years young, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, studying Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University. If things continue going according to plan, I will be taking off in mid-August to study at Korea University (고려 대학교 ) in Seoul, South Korea for one year.

From a young age, I have always been infatuated with Asianculture. It first blossomed with my love for anime, chopsticks and video games, but  soon evolved into a more profound appreciation. Japanese culture tends to be most popular among North Americans, due to its stereotypical association with Sushi, Square-Enix, Manga, Hello Kitty, Miyazaki, Geisha and The Grudge.

As the years passed, the more involved with Asian culture I became. I started researching Korean history and culture, and would sit down for hours at a time, eyes plastered to Korean television dramas, films and music videos on Youtube. Despite not understanding a single word muttered, there was something ultimately fascinating and mysterious about the unknown. Clearly, the next step would be to start learning the language. Remember though, I live in Halifax. Where am I supposed to find a Korean language class? FIRST ROAD BLOCK.

Well, in reality, it didn’t end up being much of a road block at all. After attending a dinner party with a few Korean friends of mine, I heard tell of the Korean Association of Halifax, who were apparently sponsoring aKorean Language in Halifax. Take a guess where the classes were being held? My university, of all places! THAT WAS IT! The perfect opportunity!

BUT, before I got too excited, I had to take into account that the class might be expensive. I waited until Friday evening ( the night the class would be taking place), went to check out it only to discover that the class was only $10 a month. SOLD. I enrolled right on the spot, and that was that.

I have been attending the class for several months now, and am learning more than I ever could have hoped for. I have also been searching out Korean restaurants around the city, to help adjust myself to what I have to look forward to in Korea. I had my first Korean meal in November of last year, and I can’t get enough. I have yet to try something I don’t like. Something tells me I won’t have a problem with the food offerings in Korea; Bibimbap (비빔밥 ), Gamjatang (감자탕 ), Hotteok (호떡 ), Hobakjeon (호박전 ) and Japchae (잡채 ) are among some of my favorites.



Seoul - Infinitely yours.


If I am by chance offered the opportunity to take part in this exchange, I have a feeling I will come home to Canada a changed person – richwith experience, confidence and a whole new respect for the world around me. I am ecstatic and delighted to potentially be given the opportunity to further my education with Korea University. I would love nothing more than to express the importance of travel amongst my student youth population and their elders upon my return. It is my hope that I am able to inspire others to take time out of their busy schedules, to explore a part of the world and a part of themselves, which they would not have previously thought twice about exploring.

As my adventure continues to unfold, I will be updating this blog and my youtube channel with both videos, and written posts. This is the opportunity of a life time, and I want nothing more than to be able to share it with all of you.

Bye for now, folks. Until we meet again.

앤드류 (That’s Andrew in Korean, just in case you were wondering!)


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