What does it take to make your dreams come true?

Is it just me, or does time fly when your dreams are about to become a reality in a matter of months?

This time last year,  I wouldn’t have thought it possible: Andrew J. Fraser, travelling to Asia at such a young age, let alone being given the opportunity to live in South Korea while studying at a Korean University as an exchange student. ABSOLUTLEY MIND-BLOWING.

Why am I dedicating a whole post to this simple realization? BECAUSE, I AM MORE EXCITED THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.

In two days, I will be handing over $1500+ dollars that I have been saving to help book my flight and I couldn’t be happier.

Over the years, I’ve gotten better at managing my finances and have really started to understand the value of a dollar, and how good it feels to pay something off ALL on your own.

All of the rushing to complete my personal budget, the passport application forms and my letters of recommendation have finally led me to this faithful day – the day where everything starts coming into perspective.

I still have plenty of things to do, though:

1) Apply for a scholarship
2) Apply for my travel visa
3) Apply for health insurance (and a slew of other things)

… but compared to me being accepted into the program and booking my flight – they are simply small potatoes in a MUCH larger pot.

Expect me back in a few days with a short, but exciting entry about my ticket, flight details, specific departure dates and how much it all ended up costing me. The cost is irrelevant, though, as the adventures I will have and the experience I will gain will more than make up for the total cost of the flight – hands down.

Neato! It's a fleet of Korean Airplanes!


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