Graduating from Korean Heritage School!


A proud graduate of the first level of the Korean language program!

It seems like just yesterday when I heard tell of  a Korean language class that had been taking place on-location university  (Mount Saint Vincent University) on Friday evenings. Could this be true?! If so, what luck!

So, on a chilly Friday night after classes had finished, I decided to make my way up to Evaristus (one of the buildings on campus) to search out the mysterious class that HAD TO BE, or so I thought – too good to be true.

I bumped into who ended up being principal Hwang in the hallway, and asked him if he knew any information about the Korean class. He advised me that he knew all about it, and that I would be more than welcome to attend as long as I was serious about the class and promised to study as hard as I could…

The rest is history.

On Friday, May 28th, we had our last session – we all wrote a simple “thank you” speech to present in front of everyone. After we finished, we headed to the graduation ceremony and were presented with certificates for all of the hard work and dedication.

The following day, Saturday, May 29th – Rose (Our substitute Korean language teacher) and Darren (her husband) invited us to their humble abode for a potluck to help celebrate our graduation and completion of the program. The amount of food was mind-blowing- a feast fit for a royal family.

Everyone brought a delicious contribution! Personally, I brought Samgak Kimbap, Vegetable Bokki and Gyungdan ( my specialty!) Some other dishes that we had were as follows: Kalbi, Kimbap, Japchae, Lemon Chicken, Lobster Sandwiches, Stir-fried Vegetables, Bokkeumbap, Sausages, Spicy Porkchops, Bu Chim Gae, Pajeon… and so much more.

In the end, it was a beautiful evening spent with those who will forever hold a special in my heart. I had my first soju shot (the traditional way), and ate more delicious food than any human being should consume in one sitting. It was a night I will never forget.

I’ll let the pictures we took tell the rest of the story!


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