How to: Get A Haircut While Living Abroad


They won't make you cry, but without proper communication and a picture, you could end up leaving disappointed!


I can’t put it off any longer.

My hair is getting too long for my liking, and I’ve pushed it aside for too long. It’s been a month and a half since my last haircut, and for me, that’s pushing it!

So, why have I waited so long to get such a simple thing done?

Of course, I am learning Korean, and have been for quite some time now, but regardless of the level of Korean language I currently possess, I assume it’s going to be a lot harder to communicate what I’m looking for.

I guess it would be easier for a guy in this situation, as most girls have a lot more hair to lose if the situation takes a turn for the worst.

This is my first haircut abroad, and it is situations like these that you don’t think much about before you decide to take off on an exchange.

I think the best way to prepare for such a situation, would be to bring a picture along with you. Also, take the time to learn a few key words and you should be ready for your first haircut while living abroad!

Here are some words you should know before entering the salon:

1. Haircut = 이발 (i-bal)
2. Hair = 머리 (meo-ri)
3. Short Hair = 짧은 머리 (jjalb-eun meo-ri)
4. Long Hair = 긴 머리 (gin meo-ri)
5. Length = 머리 길이 (meo-ri gil-i)
6. How much does it cost? = 얼마나 들지요? (eol-ma-na deul-ji-yo?)
7. Shampoo/Hair wash = 헤어 세차? (he-eo se-cha?)
8. Hair product = 헤어 제품 (he-eo je-peum)
9. Thank you! = 감사합니다 (kam-sa-ham-ni-da)

With these simple terms, you SHOULD be able to get yourself a decent haircut!
If all else fails, use body language, hand movements and gestures to explain what you are looking for!

Wish me luck with my first haircut in Korea, and I hope this helps anyone who might be in the same situation!

If you are an exchange student in another country, just search for translations that are similar to the words listed above, and you should make out just fine!

Good luck! ^^


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