Eat, drink and be merry.

Anam (안암 역) is in the North East of Seoul, and is most commonly known as the stomping ground for Korea University students.  It’s not the most developed district in Seoul, but it does have a lot of famous restaurants (Chamsari-gil – the famous street in Anam which is home to a ton of terrific eateries) and a slew of cute, comfy cafes/restaurants where I tend to spend a lot of time writing, sketching and killing time.

In Anam, near the Korea University campus, there are two places that I have fallen in love with.

Considering I have lived in this area for the past 3+ months, I have had time to explore and uncover the places that only a local would typically know about.

If you ever visit South Korea, it would be worth your time to check these two places out! (And explore the Korea University campus at the same time!)


Let’s just start off by saying (if you’re from North America), their brunch is delightful, especially if you want something a little less Korean, and a little more Sunday morning guilty pleasure breakfast. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, thanks to the cute decor and adorable decorations (like a giant Totoro that you can cuddle with while you eat!) It has a simple, alluring charm that only a small, non-franchised coffee shop/restaurant can offer!

MUST-TRY: French toast stuffed with Ham and Cheese, any of the Ice Cream Pancakes (Which are 50% off during the Pancake special from 5pm-9pm) and the Brunch Special .


This gem is another non-franchised cafe/bar/restaurant with a similar vibe to the previously mentioned Hyphen. To the naked eye, Table B is just your average establishment, with the required americano, a decent selection of teas and some standard munchie fare – but it requires more than a surface scratch to uncover the treasure in this gold mine. During the morning/afternoon, they serve a terrific brunch special, which rivals any other place around and they serve a variety of sandwiches, one of which is sure to suit your preference. In the evening, it transforms into a trendy, hip social club where crowds gather to indulge in delectable drinks,  tasty cocktails and scrumptious snacks that are all served with a smile.

Their dessert/side dish menu is also phenomenal, especially if you have a sweet tooth, or love to snack while you drink and chat the night away.

MUST-TRY: 땅콩 바나나 토스트 (Peanut Butter Banana Toast), 오리오 셰이크 (Oreo Shake) and 카페 베일리스 (Cafe Baileys)


Take the Seoul Metro (Line 6 – Brown Line) to Anam Station. Take exit #2 or #3 and both places are located on the main drag near Korea University. Walk in the opposite direction of the Korea University hospital. Both of the establishments are located on the left side of the road.

TABLE B: You will see a Mini Stop and Tous Les Jours if you heading in the right direction. You will pass a hair salon, and a cup chicken stand, and Table B is right on the left.

HYPHEN: Continue walking past Table B and you will pass the side gate of Korea University and Hana Bank on your left, Hyphen should be on your left side before reaching a four-way intersection.


Hyphen is home to a giant Totoro, and you're welcome to cuddle with him during your meal!

Table B's version looks a little different than this (they add Strawberry Jam!), but I'm sure this is equally as delicious!


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