Hip & Happenin’ in Halifax: The Middle Spoon and Bistro Le Coq

Hello folks!

I have returned from Asia (for now) to finish off my undergraduate, and have finally settled in to a new place. I’m pretty sure it’s about time to start writing again!

After being 100% unsure as to what I should blog about, it struck me that I didn’t even consider talking about what is new and exciting in this little East Coast city that I like to call home. Sure, a travel blog is far more diverse and exciting, but I’ll do my best to jazz up the content to keep everyone’s attention! There’s a lot happening in Halifax, so let’s dive right into it!

1st: Halifax’s new Desserterie and Bar, The Middle Spoon. This weekend marks their second week anniversary, and they have most certainly made a splash on the downtown scene. Beautiful decor, friendly staff – this spot should be on your list of places to go.

An establishment that lends itself to sleek, 50’s-60’s malt shop style with a chic modern twist, The Middle Spoon is creating buzz all throughout the HRM.

With Brownie Cookie Sundaes, Peanut Butter and Brownie Chocolate Pie and a wide selection of martinis and other thirst-quenching drinks on the menu, who in their right mind could resist? Stop whatever you are doing at this very moment (unless it is VERY important) and go check it out!

Address: 1559 Barrington St. Phone: 407-4002

2nd: RCR’s new “Bistro Le Coq” is now open for business on Argyle Street, in the heart of the entertainment district. Check them out this weekend for their soft opening, or join them next week for the grand opening!

Expect traditional French cuisine matched with a robust wine list (what kind of French bistro doesn’t sport an awesome wine selection, anyway?), decadent desserts and knowledgeable, friendly staff. RCR also owns “Q Steakhouse”, “Onyx”, “Victory Arms Pub”, and “Cut”, so we can only expect the best.

The staff has been spreading around the word that we should expect the bistro to be a strong competitor in the weekend brunch category, and it seems they are hoping to win over the title of “best weekend brunch”. Let’s see if they can make it happen!

Address: 1584 Argyle Street. Phone: 407-4664

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