How-to: Survive Our Cold, Crisp Canadian Winters

As if a rainy, messy and gloomy summer wasn’t enough torture for one year, we are now rewarded with an early winter! HURRAY.
If I remember correctly, wasn’t it (somewhat) warm a few weeks ago? Why does fall always have to end so abruptly?
Do you want to know what I wasn’t expecting to see today? FLURRIES FALLING THIS MORNING.

Oh well, the harsh Canadian winter is almost here and there isn’t much we can do about it.
On that note, let’s be positive! My favourite part of winter is eating hot foods (such as stews and noodle soups) to help warm me up!

Today, my friend Hyesung and I went to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Halifax – Suzuki Restaurant (formerly known as Doraku).
We shared a small salad, two maki sushi rolls and one of my FAVOURITE dishes –  鍋焼きうどん(Nabeyaki Udon)

鍋焼きうどん(Nah-bay-yah-key Ooh-Don) translates directly from Japanese as “Stir-fried noodles in pot”.
It consists of udon noodles, grilled chicken, shrimp tempura, fish cake, egg and green onion boiled in a tasty broth, served in a big clay pot.

If you are in Halifax, head on over to Suzuki Restaurant to give it a shot, or make it in the comfort of your own home by using this recipe from the fabulous “Cooking With Dog” YouTube channel

This is the ULTIMATE resource for the most delicious Japanese recipes available on the internet (in my opinion). You should be able to find plenty of recipes that will keep you happy (and warm) throughout the winter months!


Nabeyaki Udon (鍋焼きうどん)


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