Big changes – coming soon!

I have some potentially exciting news!

First of all, though… I realize I haven’t posted anything in ages, and for that – I’m sorry.

If I had any regular readers, I’m sure you’re all gone by now. I wrote in this blog back in 2010-2011 as a way to keep tabs on my travel adventures, and also as an outlet for my love of creative writing. I wanted to get back into it regularly, but I lost my inspiration after I came back to Canada. I miss Korea like crazy and I have been thinking of a way to use this blog on a more regular basis.

I have a lot of crazy ideas floating around in my head lately, and I’m preparing to start a new project that will hopefully blossom into something huge. I’m teaching myself a lot about coding and I’m getting in tough with my design roots again so I can make some beautiful things happen with my new project.

Keep your eyes peeled – something exciting is on its way. I’ll be posting more news about it soon. 

Until then,



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