Who am I?

I am a dreamer.
An aspiring polyglot.
I prefer to travel without a map.
I find I discover the most delicious food when I try something without asking too many questions.
I wake up wanting to live every day like it’s my last.

The more intimate details:

I was lucky enough to study at Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in an extremely challenging and rewarding Public Relations/Communications Studies program. I also have a college certificate in Applied Communication Arts from Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

I am well-immersed in the world of communications and I have experience in the following fields: Internal/External Communications, Media Relations, Crisis Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Design and Project Management and Event Management.

I am most interested in language studies, the study and analysis of cultural norms/differences and the preservation of both modern and traditional culture has me eager to be employed within an organization that actively contributes to the improvement and constant development of a positive environment and attempts to maintain and monitor ever-changing behaviours, while celebrating harmonious relationships between the people of the world.

I also love to cook up a storm whenever I get the chance, and I love exchanging stories and experiences with anyone who is willing to do so. I love to smile, dance, eat, and talk a lot – sometimes all at once (it can get messy!)

My dream is to work for an organization that gives me to opportunity to help people face their fears and to never be afraid to explore the unknown. Think about traveling to a country where you are the minority, where speaking English won’t cut it. It can be scary at first, but there is nothing more exciting than taking on a new life challenge and letting your body, mind and soul run wild.

I also want people to share their experiences and wisdom with whomever they may encounter. If people visit your country, share your passion, knowledge and experience with them. They will likely do the same if you were to visit them.

My dream job(s) include (and some of these positions may not even exist…); Communications Specialist or International Student Advisor for a University or Post-Secondary Institution. However, another dream of mine (if possible) is to work for the Canadian Embassy in a Foreign Country. I speak both English and French fluently, I am at an intermediate level of Korean and in the beginner level of both Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Spanish is next on the list of languages to tackle.

If you have comments, concerns or you just want to talk about culture, language, traveling, delicious food (or anything at all!), feel free to email me at fraserjandrew@gmail.com, or leave a comment anywhere on my blog!




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, Im a student flying to Korea for my tertiary education soon in late August, my parents are concerned if there are any part-time jobs available for me during my summer break? My native language is English and I can’t speak Korean. Do you happen to know anything about it? Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


    • Irene,

      It’s great that you are looking into getting a part time job while you are in Korea, however your chance of finding one rely on two factors.

      1) Korean language ability is crucial for securing most part-time positions, however you should consider looking into jobs with the university or (if you are close enough) in Itaewon, the foreigner district. A lot of stores, shops and restaurants here require english ability, but Korean language would still be.expected of you. You would be better off looking for a tutoring job or something on campus.

      2) Depending on your visa, you may or may not be permitted to work during your study period. Make sure you are allowed to work while you study in Korea before you start the job hunt!

      I hope my advice was helpful! Any other questions, let me know!

      Good luck,


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